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Before booking my services, please take a moment to see how I can support your technology goals.

I can help you with these issues:

Understanding how to use your technology

In this fast-paced, tech-driven world of ours, how many times have you wanted your technological life to become more manageable? With me by your side we can take care of business, impress your friends and families, and save you time.

I can’t tell you how many times, while working at Apple for over twelve years, customers asked (more than half seriously!) if they could take me home with them to fix up their technology lives, so they wouldn’t have to keep trudging out to a retail store every time they wanted to speak to me.

Well, lucky for you, this option is now available! My goal is to make sure you feel comfortable with any current or future technology services that might cross your path. Not many are willing (or nerdy enough??) to sit down and study the manuals the way I do, or to deal with tech support over the phone—while enjoying the process.

Figuring out what your passwords are…

Passwords are never fun. They can become just another painful thing to keep track of. When you forget or misplace a password you can feel the world crumbling beneath you. It’s as if you’ve locked the keys to your car inside the car and you’re not even sure where to begin because your phone is locked in with it.

…by putting the clues together

I have had many experiences putting together the clues and navigating the path towards recovering your lost passwords. This process is never easy but when you have a techie with you, chances of success are much higher. Not all passwords and accounts can be recovered, but I always find a way to get the job done or help you to figure out a plan to prevent this from happening in the future.

Finding the best place to get your hardware fixed

When it comes to hardware repair, liquid damage, accidental damage, and recovery of missing data, Techie to the Rescue can help! And if the scope of your repair is beyond our capability, we can help you to find the best place to go to get it fixed. I enjoy speaking to the repair technicians to help guide them towards a proper solution for you. Normally you would be expected to speak to the technician yourself, possibly leading them down the wrong path. When I am there with you on the call we can get to the best solution in a quicker matter. This saves you time and aggravation.

Advice on purchasing new technology

Since I worked in computer retail for over 12 years with a customer base ranging from everyday people to fast-paced professionals, I am used to understanding and evaluating the best options for my clients. There are times when purchasing added extras is necessary and times when it is not worthwhile. When it comes to technology it is important to spend in a smart way, acknowledging how often you realistically need to change out your machine, and future proofing as needed.

Avrom on the Phone

Talking to tech support

Tech support tends to have its own language. If you (the customer on the other end of the phone) say the wrong thing, you can find yourself going down a rabbit hole, trying to solve something that was never a problem in the first place, and possibly wasting a lot of time and aggravation. Having me by your side, acting as a “tech translator,” you will be able to speak with tech support in a manner that will gain their trust and get you more quickly to the right department, leading to a better resolution.

Getting things back on track when your tech is acting up

Sometimes your technology is missing a software update. Maybe you just upgraded the software and that thing you always did is either missing or hidden somewhere else. I will be able to help you to understand and evaluate these situations, and get you back on track.

Organizing your digital life

Just like a home organizer comes in to help you figure out where things go, I can help you to understand the use of tags and folders to create a more organized digital lifestyle.

Teaching you how to do tech things for yourself

There are times when I need to fiddle around with technology to understand how it works. Once I do get it, I make it my business to help support you in understanding the steps necessary to achieve those results. I will patiently work with you until you have a better grasp of the concept More complicated concepts may take multiple sessions.

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