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I am the assistant director of programming at a senior center. Seniors have a bit more difficult time learning and trusting themselves with technology. Techie has made a tremendous impact on many of the seniors with whom he has taught! HE has gotten many comfortable and proficient on Zoom. I have been getting tremendous feedback on how patient, knowledgable, and smart he is with the students. We consider ourselves very lucky to have partnered with him. I highly recommend him for any techie needs.

Assistant Director of Programming

Your last class was helpful and inspired me (gave me courage) to look up my registration on Zoom and see my ID # etc as well as other info there.   Getting a better sense how it all works including how the security thing works. Very helpful.   So again, thank you so very much for your classes!


Avrom, is great at what he does go to this website. He is helpful and easy to work with. He is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff. Avrom is very experienced. It was a pleasure working with him. I highly recommend using his services.


You’ll find Avrom is a great technology teacher because he is curious about you, and will easily adapt to how you use technology.

Avrom is a nice, energetic guy who knows a ton about the software and hardware most of us use. But as he teaches you about your tech, you’ll notice he also has great insight into sales, marketing and education.

Avrom has helped a lot of people in a lot of situations – he’s been a valuable teacher and consutant. Several years ago he taught techniques in video editing that made our films better. This year he helped with more software issues, but he also pointed out some holes in our marketing plan and showed us how to sell more of our tour videos.

Andy Bell, Videographer
Circus Smirkus
Greensboro, VT

Beyond proficient, exceptional service and talent. My go to guy for all things tech.

Jim Zoppo
American Landscape Radio Show 

Avrom was simple the best trainer I’ve had. With his creativity and strive for excellence he encouraged me to push myself to levels beyond my expectations, and to create a documentary that received much acclaim.


Avrom is an IT problem solving master. He is my go-to person for technology, especially questions relating to apple products. He is a pleasure to work with.

Sara Cohen
Producer What’s Your Story

Avrom is enthusiastic and is perfect for someone who struggles with technology. He will cheer you on and be the support you need when things get difficult and restore your confidence so you can keep moving forward.

Hobby Photographer/Travel Enthusiast

I kept thinking all night about what you had showed me yesterday what to do for pictures for my virtual pictures in my Zoom camera, so that this morning I had gotten upa little early and before I went to my Canton ZOOM meeting, I downloaded five more pictures of sailboats into my ZOOM-virtual pictures so that I ‘ll have more to use.  I was really shocked I could do it myself, but lo and behold, I did and again I thank you for helping me.

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