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By appointment

This support is all based upon you being able to generally describe what is going on with your tech and following directions as we work together to solve your issue. Best for those who already have an adequate understanding of how technology works.

“You’ll find Avrom is a great technology teacher because he is curious about you, and will easily adapt to how you use technology. Avrom is a nice, energetic guy who knows a ton about the software and hardware most of us use. But as he teaches you about your tech, you’ll notice he also has great insight into sales, marketing and education. Avrom has helped a lot of people in a lot of situations – he’s been a valuable teacher and consutant. Several years ago he taught techniques in video editing that made our films better. This year he helped with more software issues, but he also pointed out some holes in our marketing plan and showed us how to sell more of our tour videos.”
Andy Bell, Videographer
Circus Smirkus
Greensboro, VT

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