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The case of the missing phone number.

I was called in to help setup a brand new phone. Everything started off well until we realized there was a missing password. As we went through many different emails we eventually found the right usernames and passwords. This led us to a new issue. The phone that was being setup had the wrong phone number on it.

The phone number that we had just activated belonged to the wife of the client. This meant that she was now on the road with a phone that had no phone number attached to it. The phone we were setting up was for the husband. Taking a closer look at the paperwork from Sprint, we realized that the agent had migrated the wrong number to this new phone.

Knowing what to do, I was able to remedy this situation. After Sprint received authorization from the account holder allowing me to speak to them over the phone, I sprung into action. The issue was escalated to a supervisor and the phone number was restored to the rightful place.

If the client had been setting up his new phone by himself he might not have realized that he had just deactivated his wife’s phone. In today’s world this is a safety hazard go to this website.

The case of the missing pin number.

Client wanted to access their voicemail but the PIN number was nowhere to be found. They didn’t even recall making a PIN number in the first place.

We were able to login to the cellular network’s website by first resetting the account username and password using their email address. Once logged in we found the “reset pin” section of the website and created a new pin. With that, voicemails had returned to the phone and another techie rescue was completed.

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The case of the missing contacts.

How strange; the contacts had been there just the other day! The client hadn’t done anything different. They didn’t have a new phone. They didn’t recall updating any software. This was a mystery to be solved. How could contacts just disappear from a phone?

As I asked a bunch of questions I realized that the contacts must have been setup using an AOL account. We figured out together that the client had changed their AOL password the other day since they were having trouble getting into their email on the computer.

Over the phone I instructed them how to replace the AOL password on the phone with the new one that they had just created a few days ago. Once that was completed the contacts started to repopulate the phone. “Wow!” they said. “I went to all of my grandchildren and even to some of the tech stores and nobody seemed to have any idea to try that. What made you think of doing that?” “Experience,” I answered, “as you solve one techie issue you realize that many experience the exact same issue. That and knowing where to look for answers.”

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