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Do you have an older parent who could really use some tech help, but you don’t honestly have the time or patience to be their full time tech support person? Have no fear—your personal techie super hero is here! I will patiently help them through their tech questions, big and small, so you don’t have to. Whether this means helping with recovering lost passwords, getting a TV remote back on track, placing orders online, just talking tech, or other simpler or more complicated tasks, I’m your man!

I am the assistant director of programming at a senior center. Seniors have a bit more difficult time learning and trusting themselves with technology. Techie has made a tremendous impact on many of the seniors with whom he has taught! HE has gotten many comfortable and proficient on Zoom I have been getting tremendous feedback on how patient, knowledgable, and smart he is with the students. We consider ourselves very lucky to have partnered with him. I highly recommend him for any techie needs.”
Assistant Director of Programming

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