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Steph mentioned milestones,

Ruth Bader Ginsburg on what would have been her 80th birthday with her son James Ginsburg and daughter.
They’ve shared their favorite memories of Ruth from her love of music to her favorite dessert being her husband’s frozen souffle.

Demi Lovato dropped the mic on her first visit on clubhouse by sharing the release date of her newest album dancing with the devil.

Christina Williams and several WNBA players, set the creative space to reflect on the WNBAs 25th anniversary.

100th Love bomb here on clubhouse was shouted out.

Members of the lullaby club, surprise, with a visit with by the one and only John Mayer.

A surprise appearance by Dave Chappelle, all of us remember his epic sketch comedies

US Green Card celebrate Tory after party on clubhouse yesterday with friends from around the world celebrating her personal love story to will and celebrate and reflections on the American dream.

Headliners included Mark Zuckerberg and Spotify founder Daniel Eck and Shopify founder Toby Luke, but it also marked first on clubhouse, which was the artists Finch who was in the room with them did a live production of his famous honey bears in the likeness of each of the three CEO proving that clubhouse can be at home, not just digital art but also physical art.

Paul Davidson first turned the lights on here on clubhouse. And with this milestone came stories from the early days, magic school bus rides in the first PTR, the beginnings of the Cotton Club, and the epic 12 day room hosted by late nights, an early morning still the longest room, running room on clubhouse.

Reminder about Creator First program. See last weeks notes for more information about it. Want to build out tools so everyone can build out skills so using accelerator program to find out what tools will be needed to be added into the product in the future. More interested in daily shows. Seems to love those daily shows.

Clubhouse world tour – Italy was the start of it. They spoke about what was unique and what is needed to foster that community. Doing for countries and languages all over the world.

No release pushed out this week. Will get it out next few days depending on approval time by the Apple App Store. Time will slip based upon approval. Hoping to have everything submitted today or tomorrow. Finalizing a few features including fix to notification tab and other fixes for creators.

People have different ways of organizing their notifications. Trust and Safety tooling and some exciting things on the Discovery front.

Just hired more people for the Discovery people. Improvements to club search. Easier to invite people to your events. Heavy focus to manage membership.

Product and Feature

Q1: Do you anticipate changing the invite process soon and will there be a point when you don’t have to have an invite to join?
A1: The reason why they haven’t just opened up is that when you scale a community too quickly things can break, and they want to make sure that each time they add new people to Clubhouse the experience gets better, rather than worse! They want us to determine who joins the community and not determined bases on who the company feels should join in. They want to bring audiences in that are currently not part of Clubhouse. They don’t want to continue with a straight-up invite model. This will open the door according to Paul. Paul mentioned accessibility improvements is important to implement and is top of mind at this time. It feels like they want to scale up fast but maintain the community. It feels like they just want to open it up to everyone.

Q2: Can you please show us rooms that are popular for everyone or already in my feed?
A2: The challenge of that is that people are different, right, and people have different preferences so what we’d like to be able to do is show you suggested groups are featured groups, and not sure the exact same rooms to everyone on clubhouse, but to take into account what language you speak, For example, or what topics you’re interested. Maya will be working on this. More people to be hired to focus specifically on that.

Q3: how do you get suggested as an expert in a topic in the directory. And how do clubs get ranked in the directory as well?
A3: Paul jokingly answered poorly. Clubs are based on the 3 topics that the club chooses along with size of the club, posted rooms, and other criteria. Michelle is working on it. If you consistently have great rooms you will have people come back to follow you and discover you. Fadia joined team recently so will keep seeing things better and better.

Q4: I want to learn more about the people who join my club as followers or members or even join my club groups, what features, will you have to make this possible?
A4: Audience Insights and audience of analytics is an interesting subject to Paul. The first level insights that we want to give the data of concurrent listeners, total listeners, the rotation rate of the room, etc. We don’t want to build a business that’s based on extracting data from people we don’t want to build a business that’s based on ads and that sort of stuff. We want to build something that’s about creators getting paid directly from happy listeners and participants want to thank them for the experiences that they’re creating. And we’d like to collect as little data as possible.

Q5: I’m thinking about hosting a big event, that would normally be offline, but instead would want to host it in clubhouse. One of the things I should consider possibly when comparing to other online channels. I’m trying to understand what the big event experience would be like in clubhouse?
A5: They are not planning to build full events platform or anything like that. They want to allow people to monetize, and can imagine having ticketed rooms and things like that. They are not gonna do video or any sort of full on enterprise event solution. He loves the conference analogy where you have the keynotes and the smaller rooms and then you have the hallways of the convention center and that’s what gets Paul most excited about this being the hallway where people come together for impromptu discussions.

Q6: The volume difference between users are really large, which makes us need to change the general sound for different users. It would be nice if the sound setting could be customized along each speaker so we could adjust it. Can you fix this?
A6: They can see how this could help in an interesting way. It would ruin experiences like the lullaby club or broadway productions on the platform. For other rooms it might be good for it to figure out the modulation themseleves.

Q7: get a room button within a room. When you, when an adjacent or new idea comes up would be really nice because there isn’t enough time to discuss those in the main room, you often hear moderators encouraging speakers, you should get a room on x, all the time?
A7: Currently have the ability to do this by making a private room which would make a brand new room that starts as a private room and then can be opened up to a greater audience. Intrigued by the idea.

Q8: Recording will be a feature at some point, will they be for all rooms are only for some room types. And do you think this could make users think about listening live versus later differently?
A8: Our philosophy on the recording is creator first, meaning if you the Creator want to be recorded great, you should do that, and, and you can go use it as a podcast you can put it wherever you want, like, that’s great. You just have to have the permission of all the speakers. Will this make it too easy to do and then afraid for people to come up on stage and actually talk. If you don’t have to be there when it happens you have less participation in the event. It is a tough question. It needs to be a tool for creators to determine what they do for it. Lots of internal discussion.

Q9: When can we expect to see monetization features in the app and what will the first applications of it be? Will there be a way for us to manage payments directly in the app?
A9: direct payments – people typing in their Venmo and their cash App Links in their bios today. Subscriptions and paid events is also on the radar. They want to be a part of the sponsorship conversation. We don’t have specific timelines right now for all of it, but, but it’s very top of mind for us. Match up moderators with sponsors.

Q10: Do you have an IRL (in real life) clubhouse. And would you ever host rooms or events in person?
A10: Loves the idea of huge community event with physical actual rooms with the actual clubs happening in real life. There are times that people have already done meet ups and loves the idea of seeing this happen.

Trust and Safety

Q11: I recently got a bunch of followers at once that I didn’t think found my profile organically because I wasn’t in a room at the time, how do people discover me to follow me even if I’m not in a room, and how can I know if they are, you know, quote, organic follows or they might be something like a bot?
A11: They work hard to get rid of bots. Many different ways you can be followed from being listed in clubs or being recommended by someone who is already following you.

Q12: Is your app really available on PC? It seems like there might be an alternative or somebody else suggesting that there is a PC version of clubhouse?
A12: No clubhouse is not available on PC, it is not available on Android. People are trying to pretend to be Clubhouse on the Android store and it could be harmful. Really important only to follow official rooms.

Q13: Paid promotions should users know if a brand is sponsoring a room or a moderator slash speaker, how transparent, do you think users need to be if they’re getting paid.
A13: I expect it to be more structured going forward and I think it’s a good thing because I think what we want to do is embrace the brands that want to pay creators and help match them to the right creators, and it’s really, you know, in the spirit of direct creator monetization.

Q14: In some rooms have seen moderators telling people they must follow the room creators and mods, and our clubs in order to be allowed on stage. Is this you know a norm or behavior that has allowed.
A14: Currently not a terms and service directive mentioning this. It’s ok to say if you enjoyed the conversation then join the club. Only taking questions from those that follow mods currently not against terms and conditions at this time. Hand raise can be limited by those who are followed by the speakers and club members as well. That way you are taking questions from those who are more vetted. So if you do it in that way you can announce and might want to consider adding that in the future. It’s not explicitly against the terms of service. If you see behavior tip into like spam like activity or the rules violations like please let us know, please report it and we can look into it

Q15: Really excited to hear about the Creator accelerator program. Can you tell us how you’ll be evaluating the applications, what do you consider to be a quote good creator on clubhouse.
A15: First time did a form of this type of accelerator program. what type of content, you tend to create, you know if you have any CO hosts, and we have just like a blank section that tells us about the show that you’d like to develop, and then we ask you to include the frequency, the format, there’s, there’s a spot space to have a sample audio recording. And that could be of your show if you already do the show, or it could be just you talking about yourself and how you like to bring people together, if it’s not, if you don’t already have a show. Really wants daily shows. Brought up his friends at News News News again and use GoodTime as an example. Not extremely focused on that. Once a week high production shows is ok too but really want to take advantage that Clubhouse is live and participatory. They may put in a request for ideas that are looking for but want ideas that they could never have imagined. Mentioned an SNL type show native to Clubhouse.

Freestyle love supreme are going to be performing tonight on Clubhouse. Paul is going to try to attend that event as well.

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