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First of all this recap and the next one is delayed due to Passover. Thank you for your patience as it is taking longer to produce. This recap is a paraphrase and not an exact transcript.


Maya was a special guest since Stephanie is celebrating a birthday.

Next stop on worldwide tour is the Brazilian community townhall on clubhouse.

Next week’s release

Focus will be on updates for clubs and club founders to aid in the ability of improving that experience.

Only emphasize member count when people look at your club profile, they don’t realize how big and influential your club is and so they want to fix that problem. They want more people outside of the clubhouse to join. In the future users will come to your club profile. They can see the next event that’s coming up for that profile.

There are way more rooms and languages. Goal is to show you the best people to follow and the best clubs to join within the notifications.

Clubhouse loves hiring people who they meet in the user community.


Q1: When I started my club. I did not know that I couldn’t change the name and I chose a name without enough care. I want to change the name now. Please allow me to change the name once or once every six months.

A1: We want to protect the people who decided to join the club or join the room. If people join a club with one name and then it is changed to something inappropriate users are going to be confused about how they ended up joining a club that they had no intention of joining. Paul wants to make sure there is protection against that. For this to happen would involve more time to process the next best steps. Once the new creator tools are available there may be functionality that will allow the ability of determining a reset of members becoming followers again.

Many invited members to clubs not realizing that they actually wanted them to become followers. This will allow you in the future to possibly charge monetary dues to become a member. When monetary membership fees become available those that have already made followers into members may want to reverse those actions. Clubs really are more like groups but they can’t use that name since calling them clubs is more on brand. They use them in three ways.

  1. Event series – 2 to 4 people or more that typically put on a podcast show. It’s more like the CLUB is the TV show and the events that happen it are more like the EPISODES to that TV series.
  2. Communities – A group of people that are really passionate about a subject matter. They come together to discuss that particular subject matter. Anyone in the group can set up a brand new room and meet up and talk about what they love within that collective.
  3. Private Organizations – People within a company or a very small close group of friends that don’t want anyone else to join the conversation.

As a result, the way you use a club is flexible. A club page shows member count without followers so there is an unintended result of club owners converting as many followers as they can into members. In the future, they will look into changing the way these numbers are displayed to show a single number that may combine the number of members and followers. This will relieve the current pressure that club owners are experiencing.

Another idea for a comcept is:

  1. open club -anyone can be a member. A join button anyone can click without any approval structure necessary.
  2. closed club – curated members that are manually added and approved in the current format.

In the club they may include a private tier known as officers for those that want to meet privately occasionally. This allows to keep a club more focused and growing in the way clubs were originally intended. When they look into this need to focus on legacy clubs to allow conversion of followers to members or members to followers to support this new idea.

Q2: Built in calendar or scheduling system for club events. By knowing what other events are happening at the time we can stop conflict and plan more events as a collective.

A2: Calendar needs a lot of work. This includes:

  • RSVP or notification system.
  • hide events
  • report events

Q3: Many group members in my Facebook group. They want me to start a club on Clubhouse, however, you won’t let me do that yet because I haven’t qualified to use the feature. If you want influencers to bring on these bigger very active groups then what changes can you make to turn this into a reality?

A3: You should be able to get a club if you:

  • been on the app at least a week
  • talked on the stages of a few rooms
  • Receive a few followers

If you’re not seeing that you should contact so that they can find out what’s going on. Club creation should be open to everyone at this time. The focus of the developing team this week will be to resolve the issue mentioned in this question so by the next townhall they are hopeful to have new information for us.

Q4: If you were to add in the future recurring events how would it be implemented?

A4: Main concern is that if you schedule a recurring event, and you don’t end up starting it, then you must not be doing this event anymore. It should be removed from the calendar if you don’t show up next time. They don’t want people to have a bad experience if they wanted to attend. They might consider allowing you to duplicate a past event so that you don’t have to retype things.

Q5: Are clubs allowed to earn money through paid sponsorships?

A5:They want to support it. There are laws around disclosing sponsored content in the US and other countries too. When something is sponsored, you as the creator have an obligation to disclose that it is sponsored and the brand might too. You need to look at all the laws that are involved before doing deals like this.

Q6: For the accelerator program what language should people be applying in if they’re located outside of the United States. For example from Turkey, Istanbul and mostly hosting rooms and moderating in my native language. Can I apply for the program and should I upload my audio recording and fill out my application in Turkish, or English?

A6: They are accepting submissions in other languages, and we’ll find whatever resources we need to review those to evaluate those. and, I’m very confident we’ll end up with people in the program who are doing shows completely in other languages and that is on Clubhouse to figure out how to properly evaluate those and support those.

Q7: Any plan for better discovery of rooms through a searching mechanism?

A7: Yes. Not the next couple of weeks, but they definitely agree that it needs to be worked on. Scheduled rooms where you know the room is happening and you want to find it is not easy to discover right now. This is harder than it should be. Maybe if it is hosted by a club, we’re going to add it to the club page. If there is a breaking news event in the future this should be easier to find a room to discuss that topic.

Q8: Could we have a confirmation feature before joining a room to prevent unintentionally joining? Can we get a quick sneak peek into a room to look at the folk’s profiles who are hosting the room or even hearing the audio before joining?

A8: The confirmation feature before joining the room is not going to happen. If they need that functionality then it shows they failed in thier design. They do need to figure out what to do when someone accidentally taps one of the green notifications that pop down from the top. Maybe there needs to be an undo button to get you back to your previous room.

Paul found allowing a sneak peek into a room “super cool” and a very nice thing to have as a listener. The Creator of the program and content will have a much different experience. As a Creator, it’s not good to have people listening to their shows without seeing who they are. Paul will always prioritize the Creator over the Listener.

Q9: Can you add hide a room on the calendar?

A9: They have an unimplemented design that should be ready in three to four weeks. Roadmap is planned two weeks out.

Q10: Can you add the ability to turn off notifications from a club as opposed to an individual?

A10: The app notifications are undergoing a full audit. The goal is to find the many ways to improve them. They hired another person on the discovery team and planning to hire more soon.

Q11: When is Clubhouse going to be on Android?

A11: Paul saw a preview of the Android app and confirmed it works and is really excited about seeing it. Predicting a few weeks namely four to six weeks. Stated that he really wants it done for May.

Q12: What should I do if I see a room title that is offensive or hateful? I don’t have a way to report it from outside the room, but only from a user’s profile who’s in the room.

A12: Please report problematic titles. If you’re not sure which person to report because you got into the room late, it would be the person in the upper left with the mod badge. They are usually the room creator unless the room creator has left. The clubhouse can check and confirm who set up the room so you don’t have to worry about falsely accusing someone.

Q13: We now know that we cannot record sessions and post elsewhere without explicitly stating the session is recording the title. Can you write blogs and recaps about the discussions (like this one), and could that include quotes or does it need to be paraphrased to comply with your guidelines?

A13: If you do a show and you want to record it, and then develop it into a podcast then you should have the right to do so. If you are having a conversation and you don’t want people to record it, then they should not be able to record it, and they should not be able to post it anywhere.

Currently transcriptions are prohibited without the explicit consent of the speakers. Putting that this room on Clubhouse is being recorded is a nice thing to do but what is explicitly required is to have the permission of all of the speakers on the stage. The current community guidelines don’t explicitly say what is okay when it’s not okay when it comes to transcripts. They need to take a look at that and come back at a future town hall to let us know what the resolution is.

They just hired Jess who’s starting tomorrow as of this recap. Jess is going to provide better guidance to add more clarity on this subject.

Q14: People are blocking each other and sending reports to make it tougher for users that are competitors with said people. Is there anything that can be done to protect us in the future from this?

A14: Malicious false reporting is against the terms and conditions. This action results in warnings, suspensions or removal, based on what is discovered during a case evaluation. The ways to combat this include watching carefully to see how people are reporting. They want to make it easier for people to report without having to scroll or type too much to provide higher quality reports. Part of that tool will be a way to identify those taking advantage of the reporting functionality with ill intent. By detecting this in the future the team can take further action on those providing false reports.

If you have any feedback or details of what is going on so that the team can better understand how reporting is being abused please let them know. In this way, it can be fixed in the future.

Q15: Since there are so many shows on music, beauty, news, finance, etc. does that mean that it is too late to do something in these established areas? In order to get actual engagement do we need to do a daily show? Is it too late for these categories and should I be looking to find other unexplored categories?

A15: Paul answered by mentioning that people are passionate about all sorts of topics. As a result, you can have the same news story and have it explored in different rooms in different ways. There are new formats that have not even been discovered yet. The audience comes to you because they like your take on that subject matter. They like the way you bring an audience together. They think you are funny or smart or have great expert knowledge in the topic. In summary, it is not too late to explore a passion you are interested in.

Paul has seen a lot more news lately which he loves and thinks is fantastic for the platform.

Other formats he wants to see:

  • daytime group talk shows
  • singing contests
  • talk shows with studio audiences
  • game shows
  • language learning
  • night programming
  • storytelling for kids
  • advice shows
  • open microphones
  • comedy shows
  • celebrity news shows
  • 24-hour newsroom (we haven’t seen one of those yet)
  • meditation sessions
  • writing songs live
  • podcasters after-shows for their podcast audience
  • sports pregame/postgame shows
  • journalists coming in to discuss the latest article they just posted.
  • earnings calls
  • company town halls
  • mayoral candidate campaigns for actual political town halls/debates
  • authors doing book tours
  • law firms and venture firms giving legal advice
  • neighborhood conferences and town halls.

“Do something that you love do something you’re passionate about, and think through formats. If you’re interested in applying to be accelerator program, because you really want to invest deeply, like you mentioned, like the question was, does it have to be a daily program, no it doesn’t have to be a daily program, But I do think daily programs are great because they help people. They build these relationships right people, people develop the, you know this, you know, people will come back every day they’ll come back every morning, every evening, they’ll get to know you, just like you would morning news show that you put on when you’re driving to work or a late-night talk show when you’re waiting at the end of the day, or something that you listen to during lunch or in your commute to work or your commute back from work or at the gym.”

Once a week show that are higher production level that’s fine too. As long as people know when to come back, and it’s a regular recurring thing then you will succeed. People need to know when it’s happening so they build it into their routine and build it into their calendar. In summary, it’s not too late. You should do it on whatever topic you’re excited about. You should think about new unexplored formats that are native to the clubhouse. If you’re serious about building an audience. Look for the features that they are going to be launching for us soon. To help you bring in an external audience to help you monetize this stuff to help you reach people in Android. They just, want to be here to support you so. No, it’s not too late. I’m so excited people ask that question.

Paul stated that “it’s blown my mind to see the hallway, I think most people don’t realize that they’re only seeing a tiny little slice of the clubhouse, like at any point in time, there’s 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of rooms happening all over the world, but you might only see 20 of them, right, because you’re always going to see rooms based on who you follow and the clubs that you’re a part of.

if you’re not following new people than you’re used to seeing a lot of the same shows and stuff in your hallway. It might seem like the world is small when the world is actually quite big and quickly getting bigger.

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