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Stephanie came up and said todays theme is Womanhood in honor of Women history month.

Next icon has been announced. Aja Monet. She was the voice of Sarabi in the Clubhouse production of the Lion King.


Maya Watson joining the team to support marketing on the application. Paul and Rohan called up personally. She used to work at Netflix. Worked with Oprah and the Obamas. On Clubhouse before when it was called Talkshow.

Clubhouse turns 1 on Wednesday, March 17, 2020. It is when the first version of Clubhouse went live. Everyone followed everyone. Only one stage. So much has changed since then. Be ready for a birthday party!

Creator grant program – Creators are life blood of Clubhouse. Paul mentioned it is with a lower case c. You can see how much energy is being put into this program. Spoke about a babysitter to be able to do your show. Build out ways to help everyone but at scale. Launch accelerator program in hands on way. Creator First

Supporting 20 new shows. 3 month program, help make show amazing, promote them and content development. Matching you with guests for your events. Helping you promote them. Connect you with people for design services. Help get paid as a creator. Brand sponsors are coming and want to match with brand sponsors. Gurantee monthly income of $5000 a month.

Townhall will start happening internationally. They are starting with Italy and working their way through all of the places. This is called Clubhouse World Tour.

Can now share a link from your Club and your Profile.

Language filtering. Paul has been prototyping it.

Nominations showing up from a club and not your name as an invite. It doesn’t work if you want to bring people in and you don’t feel comfortable nominating them it’s a way to bring them. Invite via phone number.

Report for trolling now report for disrupting the stage. Made sure it is clear that this will remove you entirely from Clubhouse.

30 minutes left for questions.

Product and Feature

Q1: Recurring events?

A1: Don’t have that yet. Might add it in the future. Don’t want dead shows on the calendar forever. Same answer from last week. Paul claims they are looking into it. Anu sees more ability in that. Used to have cloning events but removed for some reason. Have it on the same every day is quite helpful. Put in Club description. Apologized for not having it yet.

Q2: Jump to specific date on calendar? See event on Club and User?

A2: Top of mind and they are going to be looking at that in the next few weeks. They see the need for it. Paul is seeing conversations that he had no idea about it. Was unaware of Tony Hawks show. If the founder doesn’t know that’s a problem.

Q3: Shouldn’t their be less clubs?

A3: Some clubs active and others are not. Best active clubs are surfaced and the inactive clubs are not. Paul likes that more clubs are better and that Clubhouse is responsible for the filtering. Trying to prevent name squats.

Q4: Club search feature is not recommending the best clubs?

A4: Improving the club search feature. New team member Michelle is looking to improve the search feature of finding things on Clubhouse. Need to look at the relevance of name, are you following the club or person, or what other data needs to be looked at.

Q5: Club formats, what type of programing do the clubs put on?

A5: Paul said we have event series, community events, private club. Currently you can use descriptions. Currently didn’t think about is this a news show, a speaker series, a hangout center, religious service, comedy entertainment stage show etc. Next 2 – 4 weeks will add this to the list.

Q6: Want to get format of my show to be translated in another language?

A6: Have not thought about this being a service that other people could use or offer. Nothing planned but not sure how to do it. If you submitted a question please send a follow-up to it. Leah comedian was brought up or News News News.

Q7: Stage management including multiple functions to make it easier to manage a stage?

A7: Product priorities were reiterated again. Android, monetization tools at front of mind. All things are important. The need that is being concentrated is Discovery to help people find your rooms. Want you to find the most amazing five rooms at the top of your feeds. Room management is top of mind, more engineers are coming. They need to hire more designers. By April hoping to have some of the things shipped but it is not a priority.

Rapid Fire

Q8: Show metrics when can I get these tools?

A8: Small group of a few dozen people learning with. They are thinking about but not on the roadmap yet. Believe everyone should have access to it. Currently want to drive people to the room. Right now they want to do in not distance future.

Q9: Follow suggestion for rooms?

A9: The room is a FOLLOW suggestion. Followed by the speaker section is a way to give suggestions. If you are interested in the speaker of the room you might also be interested in these people as well.

Q10: Way to let people know this room is amazing without jumping as stage as a speaker?

A10: Ping them in the room. When people come up on stage to alert the followers. The founders don’t like this hack. They feel like people are using this hack in a way that you might as well just unfollow them since they are just bouncing around the app.

Q11: Monetization of app?

A11: Important creator centric system. Don’t want midroll ads or sell data.

Q12: Club deletions?

A12: There will be an option for Club deletion in the App. Stale clubs need to be deprioritze . What happens to members of the clubs? What happens to events? What happens if deleted by accident?

Q13: Deactivate account what happens?

A13: No longer appear in the app. If you change your mind you have 30 days to rejoin otherwise will lose all of the data.

Q14: Invite by contacts disallow those that you don’t want associated with you.

A14: Only reason added contacts it allows you to keep track when a new friend joins Clubhouse. Privacy policy details all of this.

Q15: Who should apply to Creative First Program who excited about?

A15: Formats and shows that they never considered. Opera, trivia shows, and church sermons and so many types of rooms that blows their mind. PTR game shows. Would love to see daily programming. Loves News News News. Tells him what is happening as getting to work. If you want Paul to hear you in the morning be on that program. Loves listening to Good Time every night. Feels that News is easy to create on a relative basis. Telling news via jokes and have guests that talk about what they are working on. Live sports seems to be a big deal to Paul. If there is a reason for it to be on Clubhouse it should be in the moment and Live. Wants to help people get through tough issues. Shareholder meetings. The company all hands on deck. Cross-cultural. In summary Daily.

Would tour will be 100 of other countries.

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