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First of all this recap and the previous one is delayed due to Passover. Thank you for your patience as it is taking longer to produce. This recap is a paraphrase and not an exact transcript.


creator first accelerator program. The submission deadline is now closed

Over 5000 applications recieved

More details shared at the next town hall.

World tour was Brazil.

They hired Jess head of policy. To handle community guidelines and terms and conditions.

Questions around pseudonyms – Clubhouse real identity service. It is important to know who you are talking to. Want to make sure that you are talking to same person was talking to last week. There are those that don’t use their name and sometimes for human right reasons but willing to make exceptions for parody and other terms. They will look into policy to figure out how they are going to work on fixing that part of the policy.

Recording and transcription not allowed without explicit permission from the speakers. If you want to make a podcast you can but have to have explicit permission of the speakers. Put in title in room that they are recording.

Can you discuss what was said in the room. Going to update policy that by default conversations are open and it is ok to paraphrase something that was said and provide a reasonable quote about something.

They are going to build in tools to make it clear that it is off the record. You can do this by making this a club event and can say it is strictly off the record. If anyone violates that then you can remove them from the club. Want to find ways to monetize you and find ways to set the rules however you would like as long as it doesn’t break community rules.

No release was shipped this week.

Already working on the next release which will factor in more administration. Might do a third release. Always want to be putting updates out to us. Look for highly requested or highly useful. Really top of mind for them.

Q1: Am I seeing rooms in my feed based on who I followed?

A1: Based on who you follow. Paul thinks they should show other rooms in your feed that you might be interested in. Shouldn’t be your job to know everyone you need to follow. Building discovery teams to get better at this. No mapping between rooms and topics. They need to do a better job of rooms that people stay letting them know the room has value. Should be a signal used to determine that this is a great room.

Q2: Mute words like NFT or Bitclout from my hallway?

A2: A lot more to do with room titles. Suggest unfollow those people that start the room.

Q3: More rooms to help meet new people

A3: Discovery core part of Clubhouse experience. Paul doesn’t like when it turns into a live podcast where it is not participatory. That is not what Clubhouse is all about.

Q4: Context to a room before someone joins a room?

A4: Event description should be connected to rooms for future understanding of the room. 15 second clip of the reset.

Q5: Moderator accidentally removes people to the audience?

A5: Paul answered, “don’t make everyone a mod.” They are saying they messed up somewhere in the incentive structure. They are trying everyone don’t make everyone a mod.

Q6: Room size caps. Are you going to make them larger?

A6: It’s performance-based. Want to make sure to turn the knobs slowly so that way they can grow the community in an effective way so the experience always gets better instead of worse. Agrees we grew too fast. That is why we are seeing red error bars. Limit room size by using the social rooms and private rooms to members of the club.

Q7: Want to see metrics of what the club is doing so that way before deciding to join the club can determine if that is the right club for them?

A7: Talked about Yelp and all the details they give you to scan and make a good decision to inform you if you should go to that business. Clubhouse doing a terrible job of informing you if a club is valuable or not. Want to make sure you can’t open and close a room to make it look like you have more rooms than you actually have.

Q8: Clubs events and user profile events

A8: Club events believe it will be this week.

Q9: Club collaboration

A9: Trying to understand how does the user interface look like in the feed to display all of the clubs in a room. Lots to understand of how this will all look. Rohan unsure why people would have multiple clubs hosting an event. Paul added it is a way to build a club by reaching an audience of those from the other clubs. Possible mixers might be possible. Rohan added retweet feature from a club

Q10: How to get shows promoted?

A10: Share link to existing audience off of clubhouse. Could do better in promotion.

Q11: Applied when creator first program available

A11: Next townhall.

Q12: Android onboarding

A12: Make sure user community added in a thoughtful way. with Android you have like a lot of different device sizes and OS versions and like aspect ratios and, and, like, you know, all sorts of different things to QA. And so I imagine we’ll want to, we’ll want to move quickly to roll it out in waves, rather than just do it all at once because I think we’re gonna learn a ton from rolling it out

Q13: International town hall what have you learned?

A13: Start at top countries that have the biggest need. Japan and Germany is at the top of the list. Learn about what they are excited about and who the influencers are within that community.

Q14: Block symbol on profile. How they are being monitored?

A14: Only shows up if people you follow have blocked this person. Social context for you to make a decision if still worth following.

Q15: Blocking for a period of time?

A15: Temporary blocking at some point but not going to work on this right away. It educates ways people want to use blocking.

Q16: Moderator and don’t want people to record room. Way mods can be notified someone is recording the room.

A16: If someone is recording using screen recording and it could be a really bad experience. Someone could hold up another device and record a conversation.

Q17: Creator friendly what does that mean?

A17: The wishes of the creator and listener could be at odds. The creator of the room is going to be the most important element that needs to be considered. Clubhouse is always going to choose the creator of the room. If you don’t prioritize the creator then they are going to leave the platform. People requested a chat feature but that is not going to happen because it is a bad experience for the creator. Flying things are just a bad experience for the creator. Called out twitter spaces without saying it.

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