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Stephanie started by giving Flowers to the Black Community on Clubhouse with multiple shoutouts and thank you segments calling out individuals for their contribution.

J Edward Barnes brought on stage to share about the work that he is doing on the platform. Founder Reading while Black Club. Celebrating four year anniversary.

Noelle Chestnut Whitmore Executive Producer of Lion King and the Texas fundraiser that she launched by putting on charitable events and concerts. Working on a new project by helping to produce 24 hours worth of programming showcasing the beautiful voices on this app. Combining forces with Bomani.

Bomani X founded the Cotton Club and spoke about being proud of how he is building community for music. He used to be the icon for Clubhouse.

Leroy Church the Artistic Director of Dreamgirls on Clubhouse. There is another show today at 1pm and 7pm EST. Talked about how Clubhouse allows you to create a table instead of asking for a seat at the table.

This section took up 30 minutes of the town hall.

In app club creation is coming! That will be out in the next couple days without submitting a request.

Higher quality audio test coming, links with your profile, links for your clubs.

Feature tell room when it is not relevant for you. Language, Follow for Follow room, give ability to unfollow people maybe you should not be.

Notifications are getting stacked up, older notifications expire.

Better reporting of rooms.

New app icon possible to keep that change happening more often.

Q: Discovery: trending rooms, curated room by Clubhouse team?
A: Showing you the right rooms is something they need to work on. There are so many rooms that are globally trending room that are outside the ones you typically follow so very interested in working on this.

Spoke about buddy list and how to start rooms with those that you follow who also follow you. Dedicated section of people who follow you might be added in the future just didn’t see the use case for it.

Follow Jail: Right number of people to follow is… 2,500. Within a certain period of time you can no longer follow people so you can’t spam people. They are preventing follow backs. Only follow them if you really want to see their contacts. Don’t follow people so people follow you back. Did it because of user experience. More you follow, the more rooms you see, more notifications you receive. Personal decision of who you follow.

If you have a million followers and you join a small room that will expose the room to your followers. That is how it currently works but could change.

Overlapping scheduling. The asker wanted to know how to plan a small room when there are major giant stages going on. All these rooms you want to be in but can’t. Tough to plan for a room when you don’t know what is going to happen at the same time. More visibility on what is on the calendar at that time. Better tools needed to figure out when to put on your show. Clubhouse can’t control since based on the user community. Only thing they can do is providing more tools. This may become more of an issue as more creators join the platform.

Priority: Welcome more people to Clubhouse. Growth of more monetization. Performance make sure things keep growing. Discovery of what is going on. How to improve the in room experience. Talked about a lot of stuff wants to do but more focused on Android scaling and discovery of rooms. Wants to know pain points that are happening in rooms. Want to make sure you find the best rooms when so many rooms are coming up.

Room duration: No limit on room times and loves that rooms are organic and grow, shrink and more. All it means is room has been open and are enjoying the experience. If it is a casual experience no time limit is amazing. Start time for all rooms are not listed because it is not truly useful to the person joining the room. It can cause a misleading mindset towards the rooms.

Stage management: Maximum moderators and limit on stage. There is not a perfect number and depends on the type of gathering that you have. Want the room to explore the bounds of Creativity. Do what feels right and what feels wrong. They thought maybe three or four speakers but they see rooms with twenty speakers and it shouldn’t work but it actually works. They don’t want to put a limit on max number on stages. Too much pressure to make people mods especially ones you don’t fully trust. They have too much power. Making someone a mod won’t bring more people to the room.

List of actions that moderators had done during the room so it can be reviewed by everyone afterward to hold people accountable. Don’t show it because they want moderators to do their job without fear of retribution. If you feel comfortable modding them you shouldn’t need these controls. Thought about doing all that during the room instead of a listing after the room is closed. That way other mods can see why something has happened in the room.

Android: It will be coming out in the coming months and invites will work the same way it did with iOS.

Club members vs followers. Difference is private discussions are for members only.

Monetization could allow dues for the club, tickets for events and charge admission. It will allow creators and founders of club to be thanked for being able to put on an experience.

Creator pilot program. Focus group of those who schedule shows regularly that have been early-based creators to answer surveys and try out features that will eventually be open up to everyone. They try it out with a subset group of people before they roll out the product to everyone.

Brand accounts are not encouraged on this platform and should really be clubs.

Reporting on Clubhouse: Get help from a credible amount of users that report issues. Temporary encrypted audio of room sent to Trust and Safety team and once case is investigated audio deleted. They will then make a decision based upon the offense. They use a document to better determine what the offense punishment should be. They do not want to disclose it publicly.

Clubhouse will not share data with any third party nor is there any plans to do so. To make sure that is very clear they are updating privacy policy.

Start a room many options to limit the reach of your rooms content. They do this all at the room level.

Blocking: When you block someone they won’t be able to see your room and they won’t see you blocked them. Always open to feedback on this.

Content like to see more of Church services, political events, radio shows, gatherings with other people. Felt like last week and Paul seems to love this question about building relationships and where the platform can go. Wants to see a daily news program. Some people starting to do this but haven’t seen it happen fully yet. Late-night talk shows telling news through jokes. Wants Clubhouse to be a news desk. Reliable slot every morning and evening and build the news. Wants to see more creators do that and wants to support this. Paul would tune in every single day for something like that.

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