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Happy Mothers day everyone!

Everyone started speaking about Mothers and wives and thanked them for all they did to help!

Android is finally here! You can download the Clubhouse beta right now in the US, & around the world in the coming days/weeks.

Before you ask…yes, still invite-only. We’re managing growth so we can build more sustainable infrastructure before the floodgates open. Soon(ish)!

Accessibility was mentioned as important for them to add features for in the future.

First I saw a few headlines that called the pilots a clubhouse slate or original content that is not the case.

We’re just supporting participants with you know equipment if they need equipment with marketing support and guaranteed basic income from it for the for the coming months, really help them realize their creative vision for the pilots, we do not own these programs, this is not content that we have produced the IP stays with the Creator 100%

better prompts for people to follow your club

More discovery improvements

we made some improvements to voiceover accessibility support so we made a lot easier to find out who’s speaking with voice for voiceover users, the magic tap gesture where you can double tap with two fingers anytime you want within a room and the system will announce who’s currently speaking

we introduced the new bell so you can now RSVP for events

So we implemented a proper way to RSVP for an event.

Q and A

Q1: Home button to get back to the hallway

A1: Long press on the back button to go back multiple steps at a time.

Q2: Around club notifications when I get notifications on my phone for a new room. Could the first word be the name of the club or group instead of individual members.

A2: Team hard at work at making this better.

Q3: Once I’m in the room, it’d be handy to have some indication of who in the room, I already follow.

A3: Paul thinks this might be useful in the future. Everyone sees the same view to make it easier to point out who is in the audience.

Q4: Rooms that I’ve been in recently and I want to view profiles of hosts and speakers can you implement this?

A4: More coming in the future.

Q5: Can we stop more than one notification about the same room twice?

A5: If someone else you follow goes into the same room it might make the room more interesting from last time you got notified.

Q6: Speaker avatar grows as they speak so others can see who has been dominated by the time spoken on stage?

A6: Paul finds spirt of question great. Are you publicly shaming them? Are you making it only aware for mods to see? Great idea that they will look at doing in the future.

Q7: Real time voting implementation?

A7: Paul thinks it’s cool. Currently, they use the hand raise system. They also will PTR red or green. Room tools are an area that they need to work on and “rich with opportunity” Howie Mandel wants one for a game show.

Q8: More improvement for hand raising?

A8: Prioritizing other things first.

Q9: Button placement, move to audience button is to easy to move to someone profile when you see someones half sheet?

A9: It is a function of if someone follows you or doesn’t follow you. Not sure where to put it to make it harder to accidentally push it. Not sure if are you sure the button could be annoying.

Q10: Second level of mod badge?

A10: Don’t make people a mod unless you need them to be a mod. They finally are going to work on this.

Q11: How to find Creator First programs?

A11: They will all be hosted under the official club: Clubhouse HQ.

Q12: Record room for 15 or 30 seconds and share that audio?

A12: Have some things to work out finds it a cool idea.

Q13: Why room is getting different audience sizes every night?

A13: If big name guest shows up then it can affect regular shows. It is important for them to figure this out and they are working on more tools for that in the future.

Q14: A club with many shows run within it a way to distinguish it?

A14: There is no way to have a club within a club. Might look at cross promoting clubs.

Q15: Close captioning update?

A15: Tried but issue is when multiple people are speaking at the same time. Don’t have a timeline for that and recognize it needs to get done.

Q16: Android rollout in Asia?

A16: Android in Asia might be like 2 to 3 weeks from now based on server load. They can pre-register for the application.

Q17: When Townhall in Africa

A17:They are planning on it. If you want to help email

Q18: Why rooms not showing up in hallway?

A18: App trying to show most interesting rooms for you that you would be interested in. Top focus as a company. If it is not showing then it doesn’t seem to be something the algorithm thinks it is not relevant to you. If there is a trust and safety issue reported about the room you won’t see the room. If you blocked someone or someone blocked you then the room won’t show. Don’t want abusive words and topics and don’t want bad actors to exploit this system.

Q19: What do you want to see more of in future?

A19: More welcome rooms for android users. Breaking news rooms. Gave example of RGB.

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