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This is a paraphrase of what happened on Clubhouse. Special thanks to for transcriptions.

Whats happened last week

We saw a lot of energy and excitement about Android rolling out globally with people around the world coming together.

Creator first pilot rooms were shout out. Finalist announced on Wednesday.

Balance Club 144 hours hosted so far meet Palestinians and Israelis room.

More trusted journalists on clubhouse lately (Keith Grossman, the president of time, along with their Editor in Chief, Edward, facendo, as well as folks from Bloomberg and Washington Post)

Kobe Bryant, who was inducted post humorously into the Hall of Fame this week.

Bitcoin Cafe sec Commissioner Hester Pierce. if you’re into crypto and Bitcoin Be careful what you wish for the government once in is hard to extract.


Choice when they were deciding to roll out Android. Do we roll it out early, before all the pieces are fully in place and just start to get feedback and start to get it in people’s hands, or do we wait till everything is completely done and feature parity with iOS.

It’s very important to them that both of the apps have the same set of features and so they are prepping an update this week and another one the following week. That should bring Android to like 99% feature parity with iOS.

More than a million new Android users already joined the community,

we also expanded the payments feature in a pretty big way it’s now available to all iOS users in the US able to sign up to receive payments and to give payments.

Expanding payments to Android in next few weeks as well and, and then to other countries this summer.

Wednesday. We’re really excited to partner with the NBA and Epic Games on a special that’s game room,

Notifications if they are not working make sure to message townhall@Techietotherescue

When you visit the payment section in your in app settings, you can see a history showing every payment that you have ever received. Ability to thank people for the payments that they sent you.

If a speaker leaves before you can follow them they added a history of all the people that you’ve listened to for the last 10 days.

If you ever add mentioned another user, when people tap on it, it will automatically link to their clubhouse profile

Didn’t put the bell to RSVP to these events directly on the club page so we’re adding that back

Android release this week should include club creation within the app club management

Q & A

Q1: Which events show up in the section in the hallway for me, those tend to be the most useful reminders for me, and I’d love to know how I can give feedback on that, or make more events show up there.

A1: Tap the bell. RSVP to a specific event. Notification when the event starts with a different link. Gives Clubhouse the idea of what events are trending. In future could show an RSVP list to the host. The calendar at the top “Today at Clubhouse.”

Q2:What makes a room, quote trending and when does a notification go out and to which users.

A2: Used to be based on what was the biggest room in the past 24 hours. That is something that is personalized and it’s going to be evolving constantly. People you follow that think this is a really great room. Is it retaining people fast, and then there will also be some editorial examples like when Dr. Fauci showed up on Clubhouse.

Q3: It would be great to see the date about, when a person was last active on the app so that we know if they’re actively using it, and we don’t follow people who may not be as active.

A3: Think that there’s definitely more information that we could give you explicitly to help you to make the decision about whether to follow someone.

Q4: A few people have asked it looks like the ability to search a bio was removed or may not be working, could you please put it back?

A4: That was a bug it was pure server.

Q5: When I’m in a room, and I get a ping to join another room, it’d be cool if I could see the hallway snapshot of the room, possibly by holding down my finger on the green toast. That way I can tell who’s in that room, how many people are there, etc.

A5: that’s a cool idea, just need to figure out how to implement.

Q6: Navigating from the hallway looking at the sidebar could there be a way for favorite people. So we can see them at the top of the sidebar, not have to scroll through the entire list based on recent status.

A6: That’s a problem they will work on solving.

Q7: How can we verify a club, to show people that ours is a real one, or to be able to tell them which club to join. Are there any clubs that are promoted by clubhouse. We want a way to know which ones are authentic.

A7: Blue checkmarks bring 2 things. They are important and the platform is blessing them as a creator and the other is a person is who they say they are. Feels it makes sense to look at verified clubs since clubs are brands that may need authentic recognition. Start small and role out more over time.

Q8: Could you explain a bit more about whether it would be traditional dm’s? Can you tell us more about when we could expect it?

A8: It’s not something that they could just crank out and launch next week.

Q9: Are you thinking about introducing an option to let creators record a conversation soon. I understand the need for permissions, wondering in general if you’d want to build this feature and whether you’d allow users to share the content on their profile.

A9: Paul wants to focus more on Discovery instead of working on recordings. He finds this more of a priority.

Q10: Are you planning to do another creator first accelerator cohort? And when will that be, how can you apply?

A10: We are planning to do a lot of more, a lot of other programs that that are like, all different shapes and sizes. Continuously doing similar things for a long time.

Q11: Follow up on current creator first, I’ve been watching the pilots and really would love to give feedback to the hosts or to you to vote for the best ones. Is there a way we could do this. Will there be a way to give hosts feedback during or after their shows.

A11: There is not going to be a way to get feedback directly in the app. Scoring system includes audience participation, audience excitement. Request for show of Ebert and Roper thumbs up and down for shows that they experienced.

Q12: Can you clarify what payments features are available, And to whom, what are some ways in which people are using payments to support creators, so far.

A12: Working to roll out international over the coming months.

Q13: I’d like to switch back to my Android phone number. I’ve been using a spare iPhone to be on clubhouse, is there a way I can change my phone number right keep the same profile.

A13: Go to your iPhone and get the verification code and then type it into your Android device.

Q14: Are there any differences in the user interface for iOS versus a new Android app. I want to teach some of my friends how to use it but I can’t see their screen to know if there might be a difference.

A14: There are some things that we are working to add to Android, and most of them will be out this week, linking accounts for Instagram and Twitter will be up the following week and then it’ll be like 99% there, there’s no core difference in the UI, you know, Android phones have a back button but like a UI, you should assume that it is generally the same.

Q15: Want to be a translator and would love to help with any local support you need. Where can I apply to get more involved now that the app is available.

A15: We have all of our job listings actually available directly from our website, and some of that might include the work that you’re asking about so you can always go check out that at and there’s a link to our jobs. And, too. You can also email us at

Q16: Some people are still concerned about blocking being weaponized against people, or even reporting to get people suspended, would you know if people are submitting fake reports just to harm someone else on the platform.

A16: room is flagged. they conduct investigation, and only suspend a user if we find a violation. They don’t remove or suspend users based on on the number of flags made. when we can prove the people are submitting false reports or weaponizing them rather than just making a mistake we take action against that user.

Q17: Earlier, the room on Palestinians and Israelis that ran this week was a really positive example, but I worry there could be some conversations happening that become insensitive or potentially dangerous. How do you follow sensitive matters and help people manage these or report them if there is a concern.

A17: Slate and and NPR spoke about about this room. recognize how amazing the moderators were keeping the conversation productive. Large Trust and Safety Team, and people who care very very deeply about this that are working around the clock to, to make sure that that clubhouse is a place for productive conversations where people can feel safe.

What would you be excited to see more of.

I want to see more welcome rooms for Android users around the world just because they’ve been so amazing and they’re so helpful, like it’s so I often say like coming into a remote clubhouse.

Shoutout to Meet Palestinians and Israeli room on Clubhouse. More rooms like this.

Mentioned Ebert and Roper idea again.

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