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Wednesday, 9am hope that you can join us for the reveal of the Creator first pilot program.


Added more club features.

If they’re not yet on clubhouse, they’ll be able to skip the waitlist, attend your event and automatically join their clubs.

Upcoming events on club pages.

Combined count for clubs.

Three dots upper right hand corner to change audio quality.

Indicator that someone is getting a phone call.

Bugs in related release and then had to have another release to fix those issues.

Beta of Android test this week has started a small first wave of invites beyond the external teams.

Working on a bunch of ways to make it easier to follow someone on the app. Lots of experiments having to do with the discovery of things on the application and actively working on.

A lot more releases on the way.

Q & A

Q1: Can you improve the ease of search for specific conversations on a particular topic?

A1: Paul searched NFL Draft and 30 different rooms about that topic. Nobody seems to know that other rooms are happening at the same time. Excited to build out that infrastructure. Is search better or filtering, trying to find the right way to do it. Search is good for when you know it is happening or a news story is breaking.

Q2: List rooms that I have modded either on my profile page, or possibly on a club page, that would be great?

A2: Might be live very soon. Showing rooms that you are hosting right now or in the future. Not show rooms you are modding but ones you are hosting. Great way to choose something from the half sheet. History of being a moderator and how many rooms you have hosted.

Q3: When it comes to notifications want to see the room title instead of the name of the person first so I can choose if I want to be in that room?

A3: Working on how to improve the presentation and information to make that better.

Q4: How to use buddy list?

A4: Club a member of and a certain amount is online you can tap to invite the club to join you for a room if they are live on the app. It will show if in a room right now, a different room right now, or just online (club room or social room). You can join the room or invite them to another room. Never be shy about having someone leave to come to a new room.

Q5: Do mods get notified each time user exit and enter the room?

A5: Leave quietly used to be called got to go bye. It would tell people that someone needed to go and it would interrupt the conversation. Mods will get notified if they follow you. You will get a second notification if you leave and come back.

Q6: I would like to teach a university course on clubhouse, this summer for about 150 students, could you please set up an event option for professors so we can teach on the platform without students needing to be members of Clubhouse?

A6: Broadcast to people off platform do not currently allow that broadcast to other platforms. They should use the new invite link to allow them all onto the platform.

Q7: Mic indicator that can let speaker know the audio is not coming through?

A7: Poor network connection. Don’t have right now since app itself will tell them.

Q8: How do you create over flow rooms?

A8: Limit in how many people can be in a Clubhouse room. They take one person’s phone and put that phone next to a friend’s phone and pipe the audio into the overflow room.

Q9: Creator First has everyone been notified?

A9: They are still working on it but believe all have been notified. Wednesday 9 am Pacific for the pilot season.

Q10: What does going viral on Clubhouse mean?

A10: Someone starts a room and it is an interesting moment and someone hears about the room and jumps into the discussion. Everyone in the room starts bringing in their friends.

Q11: How to setup a group profile?

A11: Should make a club instead. Brand comes through with the club.

Q12: Please don’t make it possible to message people via the app!

A12: Grateful for feedback like this. They are going to add messaging at some point. They want to make sure that there is not distraction while others are speaking.

Q13: Sunday townhall recaps if unable to get them live?

A13: Working on getting this information out.

Q14: Modifications to a blocking feature?

A14: It is something they will need to look at in the future.

Q15: I’d like to know who is blocking me?

A15: It wouldn’t be a good experience to have that happen and unsafe for the person that does the blocking.

Q16: Way to make my profile not visible to everyone?

A16: As a team they need to figure out if that makes any sense for them to look at in the future.

Q17: Trans rights and those dealing with spousal abuse?

A17: They need to make sure the identity that they are using is the identity that people know you as in real life. They don’t want to impact certain communities and effect human right policies.

Q18: Kind of shows see more of?

A18: TV Show recaps! Shows that people are excited to see and recap rooms. People gather when the show end to gather. Book Clubs! Chapter of the book every night and you can tune in and listen to it. Best practices for people coming to upcoming event. Club called I learned a thing…

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