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By appointment

Paul started with reflection of issues in Middle East.

Android expanded to New Zealand and Canada, and Australia. In the UK, again, in beta, and we’re rolling it out slowly.

Tuesday morning Brazil and Japan.

Thursday Nigeria and India.

Speeding up Android rollout.

Paul mentioned just listening PTR.

Paul shouted out images and links to the room. Wants to know third party tools.

Announcements future release

there’s gonna be a way to see a history of all the people who have sent you money, and also a way to thank them,

a list of all the people that you have listened to in a room, I think it goes for the past 10 days

@ mentions will link to the actual profile

Android to feature parity and to global rollout is really really important to them.

club creation to Android club management club

A lot of better Android stuff on the way.

Q & A

Q1: Only get notifications for events they sign up for, or for specific time periods, or even to give us feedback on notifications?

A1: Events – makes sense. Pause notifications available but not time period. Give feedback easier on Android. Going to do more on this too!

Q2: Would you consider a feature that displays clubs with active rooms at the time of search, more specifically, I might be more inclined to hop into a room if I could immediately engage with the club that I’m already interested in?

A2: If you search and see Clubs with active room makes sense.

Q3: are you planning any updates to the events calendar so we could also look ahead to a specific date, rather than look just by the club or the person

A3: Paul agrees events calendar is not as useful. If you see an event you like RSVP to the event. This is going to be useful in the future. This will add it into today’s view. Want to add search, skip forward to date, and other features coming soon. Have not thought about search events based on club events. and I think that’s going to get a lot better over the next month or two.

Q4: In some rooms moderators are bringing up lots of people on stage, maybe to get more notification sent out to bring more people into the room. Could you make a limit to the number of people who could be speakers?

A4: in the earliest days of class we thought a lot about how many speakers should we max it out at and they considered doing like eight speakers. Maybe they should hard cap it but then when we thought about it more, we kind of felt like well we don’t really know what behavior is going to emerge, and people can vote with their feet so if someone invites too many people up and it becomes a bad experience and people just leave they’ll kind of learn not to invite so many people up. You get people with all sorts of different views, opinions and that adds to the richness of the conversation. Not sure what challenges having 50 people on stage is really having. It can be fixed with UI.

Q5: It would be more efficient, if you can implement a DM feature directly on clubhouse. Any update on when you might have this.

A5: I knew like, not days but not months, you know, weeks. Yeah, hopefully. But but but it is, it’s pretty involved thing right so type of thing that could easily take a month or two, but it’s really top of mind for us, and we’re working on this stuff so as soon as possible because we agree it’s really important.

Q6: The in room pop up with suggestions to follow speakers or the club, sometimes covers too much of the audience?

A6: Even Paul is finding clubs that he wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Q7: There seems like the new club feature to be able to invite over 1000 people to an event takes the newly joined people to be members instead of followers of a club, wondering what the thinking is behind making the members right away versus allowing them to follow since some club admins want to reserve membership for people who are planning or organizing events?

A7: Shortcoming of way product is designed. They are going to change it to just make them followers instead of members. If clubs allow followers they will be followers otherwise they will become members. Not sure if deployed.

Q8: How many weeks will they be going on. And when will we know what shows are winners.

A8: They scheduled them according to the preference of the creators, they ultimately wanted to make it easier, for them to host when they wanted to do so that was how we scheduled them. And this is the last week’s everyone so five, there’s actually five today and they’re littered throughout the rest of the week, so please go to clubhouse HQ this club and you’ll see the full schedule, there

Q9: Is it best to run a show from a club, or as a separate event. What else could I do to ensure that people see the room when I host?

A9: Better to be hosted by a club. Send links out. Talk to others’ hosting rooms and ask what makes them successful. Working on Creator Success.

Q10: Best practices sponsorships?

A10: to be matched with a sponsor.

Q11: Paying creators on sliding scale?

A11: Going to look at a lot of different experiments. Tools within Clubhouse to create more monetization structure.

Q12: Could we please implement something for us to keep track of who has sent money to us?

A12: Yes its happening!

Q13: So for Android, when do you expect to have clubs built into the Android app, when it’s available. Will it also have restrictions on who can access the feature, like on the iOS app?

A13: Afraid of bots making infinite amount of clubs. Level of quality control to lower restrictions.

Q14: Add the ability to change the selection of interests or topics on the Android version.

A14: This is a bug. Need to add to settings.

Q15: do you have a timeline for when you’re allowed Android to India and the rest of Asia,

A15: Thursday evening

Q16: when and how we communicate policy, policy changes, how do we know when you make a policy change?

A16: Living documents constantly being tweaked.

Q17: if a trust and safety report is filed in a private room. Is there an audio recording that is stored.

A17: We don’t distinguish between public and private rooms right now. There are a lot of private club rooms or things like that where incident could still happen so we don’t distinguish between the two.

Q18: We’ve continued to see a lot of controversy about COVID and vaccines on many platforms and in the news. What are you doing to verify information or make sure this information is not being threat?

A18: When rooms or speakers are flagged to us that are dedicated to spreading misinformation about COVID or vaccinations or other things we take action on those users and on those clubs, and we work to stay on top of the latest information from reputable help organizations so we can give our team guidance on these things. We tried to design clubhouse to be a place where, where it’s, it’s, It naturally combats misinformation.

Q19: Future shows you want to see?

A19: Companies reaching out to do the same style town hall format. Reaction to things in the world. Welcome rooms for Android.

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