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Tori Spelling hopped on with the movie club for a live reading of screen.

The record house, vinyl records and the music that makes us club took us back to peak 80s culture in the best albums of 1980

three day and educate global conference.

We had Seth Philip, aka do the design in a very rare public conversation with the illustrious luxury creator, Eliot Gabelli they discuss how they started their business.

rapper ding Jang turns quickly into a huge party of over 2000 people join the singing about your bio room

Apple presentation in real time.

Creator First Pilot

Wednesday, May 5th is the pilot. Three weeks of pilots coming.

We’re gonna have like a whole month of pilot made.

whether you will be getting help to find your career crush to unpacking the history of hair or waiting in the deep end of the cycle, pool party, or perhaps getting justice in the court of clubhouse.


Android, out in the wild, we’re receiving more than 300,000 rooms every day now.


Sean Brown is our new head of sports on clubhouse

Our first major sports league programming partnership with none other than the National Football League, the NFL,

programming is gonna kick off tomorrow and check our social media outlets on Twitter and we’ll have some announcements around that and some surprise guests and talented and NFL folks and fans. Jumping in pretty frequently.

the one that we want to direct people to is the one that’s called just NFL, and it has a draft 2021 photograph.


make it easier for all of you who have a club, to bring in your audience from auto club so now when you schedule an event, get a link that is loaded with invites that you can share externally

when someone comes to your club page, they’ll be able to view any upcoming events that you have directly on that club page,

you can post it to a group you’re part of a group chat, you can post it to social media, create a calendar event for people if it’s a special event, and like add the link to the event. Anyone who has the link will be able to get the waitlist join clubhouse automatically join your club and get deep link straight into your event

.We’re also updating the club page to show, not just the number of members of your club but the combined number of members and followers.

if you’re in a place with poor service, we just want to make sure that the audio comes through. Eventually we’ll adjust that dynamically but but we first had the ability to manually adjust it.

So last month we added the ability to adjust the quality of your audio and a lot of people don’t know about it but if you’re up on stage and you tap the three dots. You can change your audio quality to too high. If you’re performing or you just want people to be able to hear you at higher quality audio, or to lower quality audio,

we show a little badge on their profile photo, and says, Oh, okay, he’s on a call

we added language filtering

When you open up that topic directly you browse clubs that you want to you want to join it will be part of, you’ll see one that are in your specific language,

started to localize the topics, starting with Japan this past week

Releases every single week

Q & A

Q1: Would you ever consider allowing users to jump between feeds, for example, the feed I would normally see versus the club or topic-specific feed?

A1: default contain people you follow and clubs that you’re a part of the one in explore your network. make room get less prominent, like if they’re a bunch of reports about it or we think there might be a safety issue there are some blockers in there, will consider other ways to jump between rooms.

Q2: when I click on a notification, it takes me directly into the room, I think these are the notice that come to your lockscreen. Could it instead take me to the hallway and show me details about the room so I can decide whether to enter it or not?

A2: So what we try to do instead is make it clear on the notification that you would make an offer to speak. And, and, really, then the room isn’t officially formed until there’s a second person because we’re really trying to get into dialogue, versus monologue, did I think about dialogue is that even if they’re listening it degrades gracefully into a fun conversation with a friend,

what we try and do is include a lot of the information that the person asking the question mentioned in copy of the notification itself,

The second thing that we try and do is make it really feel like a low cost thing to enter a room we always talk about drop in and drop out

those are the reasons why we don’t do it right now.

Q3: I’d love to see an automatic follow feature that shows you a list of people to follow that might interest you

A3: our philosophy is, let’s get really really good at surfacing people that you might want to follow. If you want to follow them, you choose not to follow people, let’s try to just automatically suggest rooms that we would recommend for you that we think you might enjoy.

we don’t have a follow all teacher because we want you to be really deliberate about your follow us, we think it will be a better experience for you and once you understand why you’re seeing rooms in your feed when you see them.

Q4: Background music inside rooms ever considered that?

A4: the main thing that we want to do enable that sort of feature is, is just make sure that if people want to play music, they have the right to play that music. Not planning to roll out in the next few weeks.

Q5: Moderators in rooms that have lots of people on stage need a way to mute everyone on stage except them when topics or conversations. Might Get Loud, or drop a bit. This would allow for them to reset the room quickly?

A5: probably an additional level of nuance or complexity that we that we want to figure out how to design for when we haven’t had a ton of requests for this feature. So we haven’t prioritized it yet,

Q6: Change club names?

A6: Don’t want people to abuse the change of name of a club. Notifying all the existing members or in some way that the name was changed and possibly make everyone opt back into the club name.

Q7: Search function in clubs to find admins?

A7: Already designed and needs to be implemented.

Q8: I was in a room listening followed the club, but then, wasn’t able to enter the discussion, the club had ongoing from the club page. So would it be possible to allow us to enter a live club room from the club profile page?

A8: Yes. As soon as this release goes out.

Q9: it’d be nice to get an audible hint about who enters or leaves, particularly small or social mode rooms.

A9: it’s really important that you can leave quietly, and you don’t feel awkward. I don’t know if we want to do it because I don’t know if it would make it if it would make people feel awkward

Q10: What are some ways we’re thinking of making it easier for users to collaborate?

A10: They need to figure out what the calendar looks like? What does it look like in the feed? Lots of questions to be answered. How do you display club rules.

Q11: Charge tickets live events?

A11: They are working on it.

Q12: Have room content stay for 24 hours and have creator of room implement it?

A12: It would make the room less special. Could become a worse version of a podcast.

Q13: Legally obtain right licensing to play music in room?

A13: Building out a team to look at laws and policy and make sure it is compliant from a rights perspective.

Q14: Creator match success on the app?

A14: if you’re really going for reach, I think the best way to measure success is probably, if you want to maximize the number of people who are in your rooms.
It’s probably looking at growth of your audience, over time,

Q15: all conversations in clubhouse are ephemeral. Are you thinking of any ways to capture moments or memories and make the shareable later.

A15:Yep, I think that’s a really cool idea. You just have that permission of the speakers

Q16: dark mode added?

A16: Noted

Q17: what’s your latest thinking on a feature like BM or another enact communication mode,

A17: I think we should do it and do it in the right way.

Q18: If I submit a report, Will I be informed of the results, or not.

A18: No, generally we don’t do that, and that is where user privacy reasons

Q19: How do you think about addressing misinformation or false information currently.

A19: we review user reports that are submitted for information for false information claims.

Q20: Do you work with any government agencies in the US or abroad, how would you handle government agencies requesting info about users or conversations on Cloud.

A20: You know there are laws that allow government agencies to make legal requests above, and as a law abiding company, you would comply with legal requests in the countries where we have operations.

Q21: Idea for a show that you would like to see?

A21: Contest for performers and 24 hour news stations. More advice shows.

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