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At the pre event. Rohan mentioned that he has found a lot of bugs in the Android edition.


Dane Cook hosting an evening of obstacle disruption.

Dr. Shefali New York Times bestseller and best selling author and psychologist, worked with the Divine Feminine awakening club about the process of radical awakening for women.

The Wellness club chatted with Sheryl Azhar, the CEO and founder of what’s trending

Harvard professor Francis Frey, discuss the dare to be bad case study, which argues that in order to be great at something you have to be bad.

Career growth and technical interviews chat with Cole Turner who’s an engineer at Netflix,

Dr. Jane Goodall joined guide Kawasaki in an uplifting conversation about caring for our earth and the animals around us,

CH co working space changed things up a bit this week hosting a room called a co walking space where people from around the world went on a big walk and big talk at the same time.

Great use of a sponsor by having room with bacon sounds as part of their steakhouse premium bacon

Pamela Anderson discussed her philanthropic platforms including animal rights and support for victims of domestic violence.

Fourth anniversary of Kendrick Lamar and his Pulitzer and Grammy winning album.

Nickelodeon women in animation, executives and we are from a diverse panel of women executives in the Nickelodeon Animation team.

The good times club hosted the coinbase show about the new ipo.

Justin Bieber, 21 Savage. Diddy. Snoop Dogg, Jermaine Dupri, and many more came to a room with Usher to celebrate his upcoming Vegas residency including details about Usher bucks during probably the best club room title in clubhouse, loving this clubhouse, if you know the song.


Japan Townhall is up next this Thursday

Series C round has been closed for Clubhouse. Series B was closed in January

Back in January we announced that we had raised our series B, so that we could welcome more users scale our infrastructure and double down on supporting our creators.

Paul and Rohan read the PR announcement for the new round.

we’ve quadrupled the size of our team this year, stabilize our infrastructure, launched payments in beta, to help creators monetize and ready to enter it for launch.

we’re excited to share that we’ve closed a new Series C, round two financing, led by enrichen at a16z with participation from major investors DST global Tiger global and Ilan Gill.


No product release shipped. Been working on the server-side. Helping you find the right people to follow the right rooms to join the best clubs to be a part of the helping to make sure that the notifications you receive are always relevant and interesting.

we’re hoping to submit today so we’ll get approved the next couple of days. Be able to see the full reach of your club.

releases that are gonna be focused on club founders club admins helping you have the tools that you need to manage your membership, and to let people know about your rooms, and in to just improve that experience

improve ranking to help understand which notifications you’d like to receive which rooms are going to be interesting to you,

Q & A

Q1: Is there a way to automatically find all of my followers from the other platforms we allow you to connect to on a clubhouse, once I’ve already joined and been a user for a while, I think, as opposed to during the onboarding flow?

A1: There is not. Not on the roadmap. Working on it.

Q2: Can you please allow us to customize notifications. I get more alerts for scheduled conversations I’d like to potentially turn these off but still get notifications for when people are speaking in a room.

A2: We don’t want you to miss events that you’d like to attend, but we also never want to send you notifications that you don’t want to receive, and the challenge with notifications, is that if you send people too few they miss out on stuff if you send people too many it’s super annoying, and everyone has a different set of preferences, and so the only thing, there are two things you can do one is get better and better and better about understanding their preferences, implicitly, and, and improving the notifications that you send them over time.

You can change the frequency of notifications currently. Most people are in two camps either they like notifications or they hate it.

Q3: Can you explain what makes a room visible in the hallway, above versus below the Explore button?

A3: What is tough is that it is not a single person that is making a certain piece of content. It’s a group based product and it and so if you go if you follow someone. It’s not like you’re following a piece of content that that person created, you’re following a group conversation that people have co created. Do you visually represent here on the people who are speaking in here all the people who are listening here is a subset that you follow here the ones that don’t follow like it. It’s, it’s more complicated than a product where it’s a single person creating a single piece of content.

What if there’s one speaker on stage that you know but you don’t know the other time. What if there’s one person you follow who’s in the audience, but they’re not on stage is that, is that content from someone that you follow

in general, like at a high level, the ones that you see at the top of your hallway are from people who you have people in clubs that you have followed, and the ones below are our ones that are sort of from within your network, you know, follows a follows and people like that.

Rooms on top are ones from people you follow. Explore feed is extended networks. Then you don’t see the private rooms and other rooms that are on the platform. Join more clubs and follow more people you will see more rooms. New users that are following no one it’s even more important to show good rooms. There will be new and different ways to explore the hallway.

Q4: How will you decide what popular rooms to show me if I don’t follow many people or pick topics?

A4: They will recommend people that the person that invited you to Clubhouse follows. We were going to build out a big discovery team, so we can just get better and better at that sort of thing.

Q5: How can we let you know when we have big guests coming through to potentially find ways to promote the conversation?

A5: let them know that you have a celebrity coming to the platform.

Q6: Please create more in room. Moderator controls, for example, allowing the creator of the room to have more control than just a moderator moderators not being able to remove people off the stage, I suppose if they didn’t create the original room?

A6: Don’t make everybody a moderator. Paul just doesn’t get why he keeps getting this question. Message

Q7: Can we have a level in between being a creator or admin of a club, and just being a member of a club?

A7: Creator versus an officer versus a member all creators of a club would automatically be able to join the stage. They are refining it.

Q8: When viewing a Club’s main page, its scheduled or live rooms should be visible somewhere, right now the only way to find a specific clubs events is to search through the hallway or the calendar, which can sometimes be crowded?

A8: Said wait until Tuesday for more information.

Q9: Will you be adding more tools to support music streaming performances,

A9: Audio quality I think defaults to a higher level now. We’re talking about having a default to an even higher level, we want to add a lot of tools to allow creators to to monetize and, and I think the way you can support artists and a lot of ways is just to help them do it professionally and get paid for that sort of thing. Spotify integration or something like that. I, we don’t have plans for that.

We can make it so that they can do that with high quality audio they can get paid for that they can have people come in and listen to it. And then, also, that we can ensure that people aren’t violating any IP or copyright law, copyright laws when we’re doing that,

Q10: what types of tools or resources to have maybe or plans to have to help creators succeed on clubhouse, and how can we request features that might be important to us as unique creators?

A10: when we say creators, we always say like creator and lowercase c right we talked about the person who hosted the room, get to general release to watch on Android, to do everything else that can help people around the world experience clubhouse in a way that feels native to them. That includes localization includes accessibility features.

keeping the wheels on as we grow through things like performance and support to safety. discovery to help people find the right rooms. in room experience. Part of the reason why we raise more capital is so that we can continue to invest heavily in supporting creators and these sorts of ways.

we’re building out a big team to focus on, on creators and community and to help with production and to help productize a lot of the things that people are doing manually

Q11: Can creators on clubhouse work with brands or sponsors, without the clubhouse team being directly involved. And are those situations in which we should be engaged or our team should be engaged first?

A11: we did this sort of session to introduce a lot of brands and, and other, you know people who have who have asked us about clubhouse like potential partners to the platform last week, and the turnout was crazy like. Love to support that more! Yes we can do it directly!

Q12: What fees are for payments?

A12: You register a credit or debit card, and the payment processing happens through stripe, which is our payment processing partner, and they charge a fee to do all the behind the scenes work to process that payment. 35 cents and 2% of the transaction or something like that. The full dollar $10 $5 dollar $5 $10 that full amount would go to the person that you sent the payment to. And then on top of it, you’ll see in the interface, it’ll tell you what the fee is that will go to the payment processor.

Our plan will be to add more and more types of direct monetization, like in room to being and subscriptions and ticketed events. Our goal is to build a business model that is aligned with the business of clubhouse so that we’re only making money if you’re making money.

our goal with all of this stuff will be to support creators drivers as much money as possible, to them, so they can just get paid directly and make a living doing what they’re so great at doing.

Q13: With the Android launch coming up, will you be available in all countries or only in specific ones to start out with?

A13: Small beta group will roll it out first. This will allow them to figure out the details of how to roll out this system. Rohan said they are figuring it out. Might be looking at a country by country model. They are excited to have an entire team testing it.

Q14: We lead to community groups in other languages and want to serve as bridges between the US and English speaking markets, and other local people, how can we work with the clubhouse team to do this.

A14: Email to work with Clubhouse to determine how to best scale around the world and working with the translation for town hall and other events happening on the application.

Trust and Safety

Q15: Some users have no idea why they are suspended? Better way to provide the reason why they are suspended?

A15: Working on ways to make it faster to help support the Trust and Safety team. Hiring a lot more people and now support 10 different languages. Need to spend time figuring out an understanding of what needs to happen to make this better. Investing heavily in this area.

Q16: Why do you limit the ability to add followers, I’d like to follow back several people who already have followed me to better connect with folks?

A16: The limit is to make sure that there is an overall way to deal with spam. So we impose a limit on the number of people you can follow to, to avoid spam but we have an overall limit, and then we have a per day limit, but, but we also understand. They increased the follow limit and will continue refining it to allow people to keep following people in an authentic way. You can always let them know and they will look into it.

Q17: Bullying in room titles?

A17: Calling out another Clubhouse person by name in room title is not allowed on this application. You can only do this for celebratory reasons. Only other context is a public celebrity figure where it is not made intentional for the other person to see the room title.

Q18: Brands on the app working with creators and clubs do you give them any data at all?

A18: Stephanie has someone email her and they give an introduction on how it all works. She might make a recommendation to the brand. Interest in this has grown a lot. Want to grow a team surrounding this a lot of new hires will be working on all of these factors.

Q19: What does it take to make a successful conversation and what will it take to evolve forward?

A19: will list some of the answers to that. There are definitely some guidelines when it comes to putting this all together. In the future with Clubs it will be very easy to be able to invite more people into the audience. 10 to 20 people on stage is very participatory. Don’t be thinking about podcast style. Unexpected collisions when you are talking about something and then an expert shows up to answer that question or a celebrity you are speaking about shows up to the room.

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