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Creator First program update: April 23rd pilot season 60 shows have been chosen. From the pilot a panel of judges will then decide who will be chosen. Think of it like some crazy reality show. Nobody has been notified yet. Letting you know by the 23rd of the 16th is the internal deadline.

Paul is speaking about monetization. Paul is really excited to roll out the first of what will hopefully be many different monetization features for creators on clubhouse. Creator and Stripe will get money. It was a somewhat random 1000 people. Added in 66,000 people yesterday and going to continue moving the dial up. Make it core service moving forward.

Future management tools of monetization: in room monetization. Features subscription for creators and or clubs ticketed events. Any money sent to people on Clubhouse team will be donated to charity. Allows to build a different kind of network. Invite in club expires after 10 days. Will continue to clean that up.

New ship: The club page will show the combined count of members and followers. No more pressure to convert followers to members. Next scheduled event your club has. Easier to bring in Facebook group. Show the best feed and notifications. A lot of changes to the discovery of rooms. Lots of work on trust and safety. A release is coming after this release.


Product and Features

Q1: How did you choose the first group for monetization?

A1: Somewhat random sample and moved it to 66,000 yesterday. Prioritize those active and no violations.

Q2: Start a club to have monetization the feature?

A2: Inaccurate. Don’t do that.

Q3: When sent out to monetization ore people?

A3: As soon as possible

Q4: Planning add other payment types?

A4: Excited about in room tipping, subscriptions, paid events. Brand sponsorship. Lots of interesting spaces.

Q5: Find creators or hosts like you find clubs like prominent moderators?

A5: Paul didn’t fully understand the question. Help people find conversations that they should be listening to is priority.

Q6: What types of tools and analytics will you be building to help us as conversation hosts and moderators and club founders to better understand three things. How our room is doing in real-time? How successful our rooms are overall? How to get feedback from listeners in the room?

A6: Hiring a bunch of people to solve this issue. Admit they need better tools to get things together and figuring out ways to get feedback from listeners but want to enhance the experience and not take away from it. They need to help people know about your room and give more detailed analytics on how you are doing.

Q7: Rooms searchable from the hallway?

A7: Something just happened in the world like DMX passed away and I want to talk about it. Find a room about a popular topic that someone is going to be talking about it at this time. Need the ability to go back to the previous room.

Q8: Find ended rooms and previous rooms and want to go back to follow them and want to find it?

A8: Make it more easily to do it in the moment.

Q9: Invite to speak, swipe away?

A9: You can’t swipe. The green bar is called the toast. Other ways they can solve this when you don’t want to talk right now to deal with that core problem.

Q10: Mute a room without leaving it?

A10: Watching a video and want Clubhouse audio to be muted but need to figure out how to do that. Paul sometimes wants to do that as well. Controlling volume across two different apps. It has to do with the input and output issue. Paul wants to have it built-in himself but considers it more of a power user issue.

Q11: Clubs that you would like to see happen more?

A11: Encouraged regularly scheduled events and large social clubs.

Q12: A way to bring your club into a room or feature a room about the room.

A12: Never thought about it before so need to reconsider it.

Q13: Android?

A13: The team got Android devices this week. Going to be looking at May. A lot more devices and software to support. A lot of bugs and other issues are going to happen.

Q14: Friends just hanging out?

A14: Make a club and social room.

Q15: Clubhouse hacked?

A15: It was not hacked and it was a false clickbait article.

Q16: Ad for Clubhouse PC?

A16: This is an imposter advertisement. Do not install. Don’t trust it.

Q17: Room titles to report rooms?

A17: More information in near future.

Q18: Blocking club creators?

A18: Don’t make people moderators that shouldn’t be a moderator. Refine this over time.

Q19: Policy on brands?

A19: We’re really excited, brands want to participate and host conversations in clubhouse. The way to do it is create a club for your brand, and then to have real people who are representatives of the brand or people that you’re, you’re partnering with post the conversations. And so, like,

Q20: Opinion on Social Audio?

A20: Paul told his story of how Clubhouse became Clubhouse. He loves telling this story. Excited by the variety of formats that have developed.

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