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Hi, I’m Avrom!

Owner/Founder, and your Techie Super Hero.

Avrom on the Steps

My goal at Techie To the Rescue is to provide you with the best technology service that you have ever experienced. Technology is my passion; this isn’t just a job for me. I enjoy learning about the latest technology news and announcements, and I have fun experiencing new technology for the first time Most other tech services have technicians who are just looking for a paycheck. Though my livelihood depends on my being paid for the work that I do, I experience tech help less as work and more as something that I enjoy doing. It’s actually really fun for me. And you might be surprised to find out that I love speaking to tech support over the phone, even if they are not from our country, to get to the bottom of all sorts of technology issues!

I love tech, and sometimes my excitement can be contagious (the good kind of contagious). Where other tech support people are afraid to even start talking about passwords, I have spent many hours helping friends out with recovering their own, oftentimes successfully. It’s like solving a mystery for me, and I enjoy that. I provide roughly 1/3 technology support, 1/3 technology education, and 1/3 technology therapy for when things don’t go your way (with technology, sometimes this happens!).

I look forward to spending time with you and your technology!

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